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FCMA Projects

The Fort Caspar Museum Association is involved in numerous projects and programs to assist the Fort Caspar Museum. Below are our current efforts.

Commemorative Cemetery

The Fort Caspar Museum Association is currently working to install headstones in the Fort Caspar commemorative cemetery to honor all of the soldiers who died while in service to their country at the site between 1862 and 1867. To learn more about this project, click HERE

Cole Creek Train Wreck Headstones

On September 27, 1923 the Cole Creek Train Wreck occurred and became the worst passenger rail disaster in Wyoming's history. Many lives were lost and of those, there are some who were buried in Highland Park Cemetery without any form of headstone. On the 100th anniversary of the wreck, the FCMA began raising funds to obtain markers for those who do not have them in our local cemetery. Contact the Fort Caspar Museum for more information or to donate.

Cole Creek.jpg
Senator Program Vince Edit jpg.jpg

"The Senator" Play

In September of 2023 the FCMA partnered with Stage III Community Theatre, and Theatre of the Poor to stage the first production of the hit 1890 play "The Senator" at NCHS auditorium. To find out more about the play and watch a recording on YouTube, click HERE

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